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Whether there’s a goal you’ve been trying to reach, something you’ve been thinking of giving up, or just something different you’ve wanted to try. Setting up a personal challenge can give you the motivation to achieve something great whilst raising money for the Bionics Institute’s life-changing medical research.


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In September 2020, Cynthia McLarty commemorated her 50th birthday by running 50km and raising over $7500 towards the Bionics Institute’s infant hearing research.

Cynthia is a long-time supporter of the Bionics Institute and has often volunteered her time. Cynthia’s son Sam was born profoundly deaf and, at 9 months old, became one of the youngest children in Victoria to receive a cochlear implant.

The funds raised by Cynthia have supported the development of EarGenie™, a new hearing test for babies with hearing loss. EarGenie will enable clinicians to select the right treatment as early as possible, giving these children the best chance to hear different sounds and learn to talk. Cynthia’s original goal was to run from her home all the way to Mornington.

‘Sam caught up with other kids and was speaking normally by the age of 4 with the help of his cochlear implant,’ said Cynthia. ‘We tell other parents that we don’t regret it – it was the best thing for Sam. We are so grateful to the Bionics Institute for enabling Sam to talk and live a full, normal life.’

The difference you make

On 15 October 2022, staff from the Bionics Institute took part in the Melbourne Marathon to raise money towards medical research.

Totalling an impressive 41.1km, the team raised over $3,500 to help improve the lives of people living with conditions such as Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson's disease and tinnitus and hearing loss.

We're incredibly grateful to our team for going above and beyond and challenging themselves to further help our vital work. 

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